I want to give Bitcoin as a gift to someone that has as little experience with them as I do.

Most importantly, I want to create a wallet (preferably offline, so I can just handover a USB stick with numbers stored on it, but online is also okay if it's with a trusted site) for them without involving their passport picture, email address etc.

I am happy to provide documents/setup 2FA myself as long as that data is not connected to the final wallet

I'm not talking about amounts that would raise any governments suspicion or reporting limits.

I prefer Bitcoin, but if the fact that I'd only purchase fractional coins makes things more difficult, I'm happy with liquid alternatives.

  • Sounds like you are looking for something like Open Dime -- much more secure than a USB stick, but no backups possible. – Jonathan Cross Sep 17 '19 at 19:31
  1. Create a new bitcoin wallet offline with a website like this one https://walletgenerator.net/
  2. Transfer the amount you want to give to your friend to this new wallet
  3. Write the private key on a paper and give it to him then explain that since you have created his wallet he is not the real owner and tell him to do step 1 and 2 by himself if he want to really own his coins

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