I couldn't find any documentation on this.

I found that the options for fee_method are eta, static and mempool by reading the source code. But it's still not clear to me how fee_level relates to the fee_method, does it have something to do with configuration? If that's the case, the configuration isn't documented either. What is to be set? How does it work?


There are 3 options(fee estimation methods) available for fee_method: static, eta and mempool

static - static fees

eta - based on confirmation within N blocks

mempool - based on mempool depth


fee_level for ETA can be one of these values in Electrum GUI: 25,10,5,2

FEE_ETA_TARGETS = [25, 10, 5, 2]



fee_level for Mempool can have one of the value mentioned below in Electrum GUI:

FEE_DEPTH_TARGETS = [10000000, 5000000, 2000000, 1000000, 500000, 200000, 100000]



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