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How are Bitcoin generated in Video Games?

There are a lot of video games out there which reward the player in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies for winning the game or achieving a specific objective. But from where does those crypto come ...
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What percentage of Twitch tipping now occurs with Bitcoin?

How does Bitcoin tipping compare to PayPal? Are there projections for when cryptocurrency tipping will surpass PayPal for revenue on the platform?
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Bitcoin online game integration

I want to create a game where users can win Bitcoins playing my games I created or perhaps other online games. What APIs do similar applications use to achieve this? how do they host the Bitcoins? do ...
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Gaming Bitcoin by generating millions of wallets [duplicate]

What’s to stop someone from gaming the system and creating millions of wallets, increasing their odds of accidental deposits? If nothing else you could conceive of a DOS attack of sorts, where the ...
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For the Noobs: Starting Bitcoin games. I cannot transfer Bitcoins, or use Faucets

I started with Bitcoin a few days ago, and have mainly been going to free faucets and sites like that to get free Bitcoins. I just recently found out about Bitcoin games like the one at https://...
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Bitcoin Casino Questions [closed]

I am developing a bitcoin dice based game. I am located inside the US. Do i did a gaming license to operate. Is it completely legal if not?
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What provably fair Bitcoin gambling sites work well on a mobile?

Are there an Bitcoin-based gambling sites or apps that work on a mobile? Most of the sites seem to be assuming the player is on a full size display. If the service isn't considered "provably fair" ...
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Which Bitcoin-powered gambling sites are "provably fair"?

Through the spread of Bitcoin for the purposes of online gambling, the concept of "provably fair" games came more into the limelight. Which of the Bitcoin-powered gambling websites are provably fair? ...
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How can a wager with SatoshiDICE be proven to be fair?

What steps will let a person manually verify that the DICE roll was fair?
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