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Hello and welcome to my profile. Glad you came to check it out.

I am currently a Principal of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Bullhorn. I work on multiple advanced data mining and machine learning projects as we work towards building out and operationalizing a data warehouse.

In my previous role, I was an Interactive Research Developer at SIA where I spearheaded our interactive research initiative the consisted of web application dashboards built using the Plotly and Dash Python libraries. In addition to that, I also worked on various advanced data modeling, estimating labor trends and market sizes, benchmarking reports, and process automation using Python.

I've had formal computer science education, but in the grand scheme of things, I feel that most of the programming I use today has been self-taught. I attribute much of this to my eternal curiosity and need to always soak in as much knowledge as I can get.

My go to tools for getting things done tend to come from the Python ecosystem, as it is hands down, my favorite language out there, but I'm also very adept at working in SQL.

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