Richard Anthony Hein

I started programming when I was 7 years old, sitting on my father's lap, taking turns reading and writing code on a TRS-80 CoCo. I have over 25 years of experience developing software. I love Racket, Haskell, C#, and have recently embraced Typescript after years of resistance and loving the newest features. I've wanted to develop my own language so I'm writing Alien for Bitcoin, and the first implementation will be hosted and built on SCrypt.io and called AlienScrypt.com.

Stacks of choice are .NET 5, Mono, Unity, the UNO Platform, and IHP at the moment.

I am also a Bitcoin developer and early miner investing in a 3D printer farm for Botcoin.com, and produce drones for Bitdrones.Cloud and basically anything requested via and paid for Bitcoin. Botcoin is building software to provide M2M Bitcoin SV payments, security and privacy controls and command and control systems for additive manufacturing at huge scale and more to be announced over the summer as we prepare for a November 12th launch date for the MVP Alpha build of our first services with are being now integrated and hosted in the Bitpod.Cloud. We've just made agreements to host Boost and BitcoinToken.Exchange and provide development and integration services with @KeyToBitcoinP2P and other Bitcoin SV projects. More to come.


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