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Developer since my 14 years, I have develop during 4 years in PHP for my personal website and to in freelance for a estate agency. I have study many of CMS (Joomla, Drupal, Xoops, Spip). After have start my technical degree, I have take a lot of time to realize many applications in JAVA. During this period, I have do some personal applications (ex: Auto save USB key content,...)

Programming is my job, but it’s to my passion. Since many years, I’m very interested in everything about computing and in particular, the new latest technology. The “Smartphone market” is growing since many year, it’s why I’m specialized on iOS.

Thorough knowledge in Decentralized Digital Currencies (all fork from Bitcoin, cold storage, multi-sig)

Specializations: Languages: Java, Objective-C, Swift Environments: XCode, Netbeans, Notepad + +, Eclipse Tools Test / Quality / Versioning: GTM, OCUnit, Svn, Git Methodology / Modeling: Sweet 2, UML, MVC, various patterns Dynamic Web: PHP, HTML / CSS Graphic Design: Photoshop CS4 (Foundations)

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