I noticed there are quite a lot of transactions spending taproot key path inputs that use SIGHASH_ALL instead of SIGHASH_DEFAULT in signatures (around 20% in the last two weeks). Recall that SIGHASH_DEFAULT is a sighash flag introduced in BIP341 that is equivalent to SIGHASH_ALL but saves 1 witness byte.

Example transactions: (all from block 799301)

14a5060a907fa55b19fb75173236acee077792816b6cd8d97e3ae226b4acab6a 8c4dcdb47b2e806f1dd2c306e5021bc1b3eb763bf98d3a9b26081e273da55bfe 552b20e3d4b4d97bd03cd8f58fe6979fae74d04cead37f080692a1f6d30356bc a81d9024708a255b5563dca9c4baf5b0056424fb329840ac97428e814054994e

Which wallets are creating these signatures, and why?


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