$ elements-cli gettxoutsetinfo muhash

  "height": 2655501,
  "bestblock": "5d52cd99233d96c5d99c1b80e2e04fcd068b83d0957095c6728bec98ca16c853",
  "txouts": 274112,
  "bogosize": 20056230,
  "muhash": "ef3fe8d1f94bc6360ea456fdcec78e30db123da2a996e01e1e73cea7500b287e",
  "total_amount": 29014665.56386005,
  "transactions": 177123,
  "disk_size": 38058240

total_amount here is ~29,014,665. The help section says "The total amount of coins in the UTXO set". But I see only "3,346.37 L-BTC in circulation" in the Liquid.Network explorer

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It appears to be the sum of all outputs with explicit (unblinded) values across all assets (not just L-BTC).

This should be changed to something more meaningful with multiple/confidential assets.


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