I have 2 wallet.dat backups from 2013

I am having trouble with accessing due to incorrect passphrase

Is there a limit to the number of attempts I can try to get the passphrase.

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I am confident there is no limit to the number of attempts at entering the passphrase.

This is because the authors know that any such limit can be bypassed by, for example, installing on a VM and restoring an initial snapshot when the limit is reached. You could also divide the work between multiple parallel VMs. Therefore I expect authors are more likely to introduce rate limiting rather than waste effort implementing an upper bound to the number of attempts.

There are tools like BTCrecover and PyWallet which may help but which are not especially user friendly for novices.

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You can recover your wallet password using hashcat. hashcat allow you to try thousands of password on the wallet's hash. Once you find the correct password, you can use it on your wallet.dat.

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