I am running rippled (standard configuration, I only changed node_db to Sqlite) and communicating with it through JSON RPC. On a few calls I get a response:

'error_message': 'Network not available.', 'error_code': 12, 'error': 'noNetwork'

The example commands that are doing this are:


What is causing this error to appear and how can I fix it?

  • What is the output of rippled server_info? And how long has your server been running? Oct 25 '13 at 22:39
  • @DavidSchwartz I think I synchronized it fully, and when I need it I run it when testing. The server_info: {"info":{"build_version":"0.17.0-rc2","closed_ledger":{"age":2,"base_fee_xrp":1E-05,"hash":"66AC8BEAB996256DB740781EBFE82E6FF3DBAE464CFA62B0F24171222C0020FD","reserve_base_xrp":200,"reserve_inc_xrp":50,"seq":5},"complete_ledgers":"empty","hostid":"DARKWARE","last_close":{"converge_time_s":2.028,"proposers":0},"load":{"job_types":[{"avg_time":380,"in_progress":2,"job_type":"ledgerData","peak_time":1466,"per_second":2,"waiting":2},
    – ThePiachu
    Oct 25 '13 at 23:41
  • {"avg_time":5,"job_type":"heartbeat","peak_time":10},{"job_type":"peerCommand","peak_time":13,"per_second":18}],"threads":6},"load_factor":1,"peers":23,"pubkey_node":"n9JjPFq5ibdb9nAs6Y3yFecH2Eq4xD1PdA88LCD2HFoVPHheYvXP","pubkey_validator":"none","published_ledger":"none","server_state":"connected","validation_quorum":1},"status":"success"}
    – ThePiachu
    Oct 25 '13 at 23:41
  • You have 23 peers. So that looks good. Seeing "complete_ledgers" as "empty" means it hasn't fully accepted any ledgers yet. Make sure your validators and network_quorum are configured the way you want them. (You can use my answer for reference.) Oct 25 '13 at 23:43

This error indicates that your server is not synchronized to the Ripple network and thus doesn't have current information. It's perfectly normal when your server first starts up -- it can take ten or fifteen minutes to sync up, depending on your bandwidth and hardware.

You should make sure you're actually connected to a few servers and have your validators correctly configured. The server_info RPC command can help.

The following config entries should help:

[ips] 51235 51235 51235 51235



You can resolve r.ripple.com for a list of server IP addresses recommended by Ripple Labs. Currently the list is,,,,, and

  • It looks like I am lacking the validators and validation_quorum. Looking at rippled-example.cfg it also lacks those entries.
    – ThePiachu
    Oct 25 '13 at 23:53
  • 1
    You can also configure the validators with a validators.txt file. The list of validators and the quorum are the current recommended settings if you are not yourself a validator. Oct 26 '13 at 2:43

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