Bitcoin 0.11 on a Raspberry Pi 2:


I am using this RPC auth proxy to talk to bitcoind from Python. I have a script that requests getmempoolinfo every 1 second. Occasionally given user input a new address is needed, and the script requests getnewaddress. This RPC-call often times out.

Sometimes the time-out causes even weirder behavior in other RPC calls until python is interrupted and the script killed: for example, getmempoolinfo returns the same information every time it is called until the script is restarted. Even querying bitcoind from the command line in a separate terminal window bitcoin-cli getmempoolinfo indicates that the mempool is not growing at all until the script that timed-out calling getnewaddress is terminated.

I also notice from the command line bitcoin-cli getnewaddress can take up to 30 seconds, without any python scripts running or other in-progress RPC calls.

I thought bitcoind is just retrieving a new address from wallet.dat, what is taking so long? It's not decrypting the wallet, it's not generating a whole new address from entropy... yet this specific RPC call is causing me lots of downstream problems.


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The problem has to do with other processes on the computer with too high CPU priority:


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