I've installed Litecoin from the main page, so now I have few executable files, like litecoin-cli, litecoind, litecion-qt, ...

I know, that the easiest way to sync blockchain is to run ./litecoin-qt and it will start the syncing automaticly. More than that, I've downloaded bootstrap.dat, so know the stuff will get synced much faster.

But how can I do it, without QT GUI, only using the terminal?

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    Run ./litecoind
    – Nick ODell
    Commented Nov 23, 2016 at 22:51

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litecoind will sync the blockchain the same way as litecoin-qt, and you can interact with it via RPC calls or with litecoin-cli, both from terminal. Also, bootstrap is not recommended generally for newer bitcoin codebases.


The same way, put the bootstrap file in the datafolder (~/.litecoin on linux) and run litecoind ./litecoind


So, it really works the same way as a Bitcoin: just run ./liteciond -daemon and syncing will start automatically.

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