This question has probably been answered many times but despite my efforts I cannot find a solution. I have several Bitcoin (BTC) addresses for which I hold all private keys. These addresses now also hold Bitcoin Cash (BCC) and so my question: how get I can hold of the BCC? I have tried several BCC wallets but none allow me to import a private key... I just want to make a transfer (to an exchange to get BTC instead) so I dont want a wallet that forces me to sync the complete chain.


  • Coinomi on Android apparently allows me to import private keys, but for some reason it wont display my BCC after I try importing the key (no error message, nothing)
  • To do the same with BTC I use blockchain.info, deleting all addresses after the transfer is sent
  • Try sweeping your BTC private keys from your Coinomi BCH wallet 'Overview' tab, by clicking .../Sweep Wallet. Note that you need to create a BCH wallet without altering the derivation path of the wallet (ie the derivation path of the BCH wallet you create must be M/44H/145H/0H).
    – angelitto
    Commented Aug 28, 2017 at 5:08

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After trying a few more wallets I got one to do what I want :): http://electroncash.org/

Of course it had to wait until I had already posted my question...

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