I have two accounts called "hot" and "cold" and have few address and transactions in each of them. I am trying to move some funds between "hot" to "cold" and using sendtoaddress like this

bitcoin-cli sendtoaddress "one-of-the-cold-wallet-address" 1.23 "" ""

If i check the balances using

bitcoin-cli listreceivedbyaccount

The balance in "cold" has increased by 1.23 and the balance in "hot" is still the same.

Q1: by default, which account does sendtoaddress uses if i dont have the default account?

Q2: Why did the balance in the "hot" is still the same while the balance in the "cold" increased.

  • Did you you try "bitcoin-cli getunconfirmedbalance" for "hot" wallet? – 2523454 Feb 7 '18 at 22:12

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