Error validating transaction: Error running script for input 0 referencing 9a2cd138476c598cced94a6c8bd6c8b2c6a268a763700d654324614aff799ceb at 0: Script was NOT verified successfully..

My transaction - 0100000001eb9c79ff4a612443650d7063a768a2c6b2c8d68b6c4ad9ce8c596c4738d12c9a000000006a473044022076731c7063163d36d0650b7573ec46af795c46f7860940d4ee8a48f7b1c66c0d0220ca417e99b3549ce80ed1db7964db3597cabf709cc614a22f1fe7b81769775d360121028144f0617ca9f46faf22c3a2aabe2b5a70b41b33d943eedeab45fb0ea39db03bffffffff02409c0000000000001976a9146bcf529af56090cc7cc1aa846286eec1651991d888acf00edf03000000001976a91481d52f0d91561dde46689640dd79d80a32fdadae88ac00000000

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Can you let us know, which tool or software you used to generate this output? I have one observation:

    47: OP_DATA_0x47:        push hex 47 (decimal 71) bytes on stack
    30: OP_SEQUENCE_0x30:    type tag indicating SEQUENCE, begin sigscript
    44: OP_LENGTH_0x44:      length of R + S
    02: OP_INT_0x02:         type tag INTEGER indicating length
    20: OP_LENGTH_0x20:      this is SIG R (32 Bytes)
    02: OP_INT_0x02:         type tag INTEGER indicating length
    20: OP_LENGTH_0x20:      this is SIG S (32 Bytes)
    01: OP_SIGHASHALL:       this terminates the ECDSA signature (ASN1-DER structure)

The S-Value starts with CA417E99... this value in a signed int is above the allowed value. See Pieter's post at the bottom of this link. Values higher than one should be preceeded by "00". But before doing so, it should be checked wether it is larger than N/2. Further explanation here.

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