After years of development 3 Months ago Liquid (the side chain project) was announced. If you look at https://liquid.horse/ you can find the following statistics as of right now:

Sidechain Stats Genesis Block September 27, 2018 Sidechain

Transactions 3458

Sidechain Blocks 125344 / 223.9 MB

Expected / Missing Blocks 144622 / 19278 (15.38%)

Entry (peg-in) Transactions 96

Exit (peg-out) Transactions 30

Liquid Federation Wallet 25.26 BTC / $97,905 USD

125k blocks of which 97% are empty but with a memory footprint of 223 MB of data to store 3458 transactions within the sidechain seems pointless at this time.

When liquid was announced several exchanges and services announced to run a liquid Server.

  • Is it just taking time for those players to integrate liquid properly?
  • When will this take off?

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