I'm trying to compile the Bitcoin source (1) on Ubuntu and I get:

In file included from bench/data.cpp:10:0:
./bench/data/block413567.raw.h:1:40: error: conflicting declaration ‘const unsigned char benchmark::data::block413567 []’
 static unsigned const char block413567[] = {
In file included from bench/data.cpp:5:0:
./bench/data.h:14:35: note: previous declaration as ‘const std::vector<unsigned char> benchmark::data::block413567’
 extern const std::vector<uint8_t> block413567;
/usr/include/c++/7/bits/stl_vector.h:270:7: note:   candidate expects 1 argument, 2 provided
/usr/include/c++/7/bits/stl_vector.h:259:7: note: candidate: std::vector<_Tp, _Alloc>::vector() [with _Tp = unsigned char; _Alloc = std::allocator<unsigned char>]
/usr/include/c++/7/bits/stl_vector.h:259:7: note:   candidate expects 0 arguments, 2 provided
Makefile:10306: recipe for target 'bench/bench_bench_bitcoin-data.o' failed
make[2]: *** [bench/bench_bench_bitcoin-data.o] Error 1

Internet searches aren't giving me very actionable clues.

  1. master latest 3489b715120b1bf7559fbddf03cd87b889fdca47
  • 1
    A temporary solution is to add --disable-bench to ./configure to disable benchmarks until this is fixed.
    – MCCCS
    Commented Jul 28, 2019 at 17:02
  • But this is somehow cause by this line. _raw is not appended for some reason. I'd suggest submitting a bug report at github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues
    – MCCCS
    Commented Jul 28, 2019 at 17:20
  • That worked, want to add your comments as an answer? And we'll mark this as solved. I created the GH issue: github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/16479
    – givanse
    Commented Jul 28, 2019 at 18:31

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I needed to remove stale files from old builds, just run make clean.


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