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How can I prove that I destroyed some bit coins? [duplicate]

If I wanted to destroy bitcoins, and prove that it was done (with relative certainty), what would I need to do?
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Can a bitcoin be destroyed?

Its the hypothetical future and BTC2 is being designed. Everyone loves BTC2 and no-one wants the old BTC1 any more. People who have BTC1 would be annoyed that their assets are suddently worth a lot ...
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What does the US government do with seized coins?

It was reported today that the US government shut down the web site Silk Road, where people bought and sold things (allegedly including illegal drugs) using Bitcoins. The operator was arrested, and ...
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What is the Bitcoin equivalent of /dev/null?

Which canonical address is a legitimate address that nobody can claim?
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What would happen if you send bitcoins to a non-existent Bitcoin address?

If one were to send bitcoins to an address that has not been created yet, what would happen? Would the coins be lost forever? Would they just sit there until the address and key pair are generated?
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Is there an open source tool to publicly destroy bitcoins?

Several interesting applications of bitcoins involve a scenario where they are intentionally "destroyed". Is there an open source tool that can be used to destroy bitcoins? And if so, is it possible ...
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What is Proof of Burn?

Can someone explain me: What is Proof of Burn What is the difference between Proof of Burn and Proof of Work How Proof of burn works Which virtual currency uses Proof of burn technology instead of ...
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What happens if Bitcoins are lost

Since there are a finite number of Bitcoins that can be created, I am wondering what happens if some of the coins are lost. My questions are three fold: How do you define a "lost" coin? For example ...
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What's with this address 1111111111111111111114oLvT2?

It was the burn address with the most BTC received in 2017 according to It's Hash160 is ...
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How can I generate an address with some string on it, which will check as correct?

How can I generate an address with some string on it, which will check as correct? I don't want to necessarily have the private key for that address, but I want to be able to send money to it.
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How can I prevent a transaction from being spent

For an academic article I want to know if I can prevent a transaction from being spent at all? I tried to send a transaction with only one output that contains only data (no output address provided) ...
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