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Dealing with wallet compositions that have their balance spread out over lots of unspent transaction outputs.

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How does Bitcoin Core's Coin Selection prevent change to be a dust output?

Bitcoin Core's Coin Selection optimizes for minimal change outputs. How does Bitcoin Core prevent Change outputs of sizes below dust threshold from occurring?
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How can i effectively split large outputs into smaller ones?

I have a wallet that pays lots of small amounts in the range of 0.x to 5 BTC. I filled the wallet with one transaction of 50 BTC, so there is only one large input contained. Now when i transfer 0.5 ...
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How can I control which coins to spend in a transaction?

When creating a bitcoin transaction, you have to choose which coins to use in them. The standard client does this in a way to avoid unconfirmed inputs and minimize the number of inputs and amount of ...
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What is the coin selection algorithm?

When creating a transaction in the standard client, what is the algorithm used to determine which unspent outputs will be used as inputs? Has this changed since the first version? What different ...
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