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Why haven't a large number of cryptocurrencies copied Primecoin's mining algorithm? [closed]

According to my understanding, generating an ever-growing list of prime numbers benefits mathematics and society in some mysterious way. Given this, why have more recently created proof-of-work ...
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Where can I find a step by step tutorial on how to setup primeminer and join a pool?

I'm new to Primeminer and couldn't find a tutorial on how to set it up. I have downloaded the Primeminer software and it seems to consist of only two files: a .bat file an .exe file. Is that all ...
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3 votes
1 answer

What is the XPT protocol?

XPT (x.pushthrough) is used by some mining pools (e.g., primecoin). I have googled but could not find any reference to the details of this protocol. What is the protocol to be able to write ...
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2 answers

Profitability comparisons for Quarkcoin and Primecoin?

I've found sites where you can put your hash rate for scrypt and SHA-256 to check which cryptocurrency would be the most profitable for you to mine, such as: http://www.coinwarz....
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Parallel primecoin mining [closed]

Is it possible to run primecoind as a server and connect other primecoin miners to it, so that they all mine for the same wallet (on the server) in parallel? A kind of solo mining in parallel. I am ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Is mining bad for the CPU?

I've started to mine some Primecoin on a couple of spare VPS's, and it's turning out to be profitable. I'm also mining a bit on my laptop when I'm not using it (e.g. during lunch break). Will mining ...
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Please help me understand primecoin mining performance [closed]

I've just started mining primecoin over my hp proliant dl380 g5 server with e5420. So I'm using as the pool and using their latest software: When I check ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Is Primecoin mining competitive?

Meaning, if more people mine Primecoin, does it get harder to mine? From what I understand, it shouldn't, but I want to be sure.
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3 answers

Mining Primecoin with one server and no pool?

Is it possible to mine with just one server (for learning about mining, not for making a living!) and one wallet? I've configured a Ubuntu VPS on a server I had spare and run Primecoind. My primecoin....
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How to build Primecoin from source code on a mac?

How should one build the client for the new cryptocoin Primecoin from source code on a mac? The source can be found here:
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