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How do you handle returned goods in e-shopping?

The blockchain is immutable. So, using bitcoin for shopping websites can cause problems. Customers often want to return purchases in retail scenarios. But Bitcoin is immutable, so we can't reverse the ...
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Is there a working, functional, maintained way to accept bitcoins through a Wordpress site to an Electrum wallet?

I know that there is the Bitcoin Payments for WooCommerce, but it hasn't been updated in over and year and doesn't support the latest version of Electrum MPK. It only supports Electrum 1.9.8 MPK.
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Why should retailers prefer bitcoin over other cryptocurrencies that have shorter confirmation time?

Considering that, waiting 10 minutes for confirmation is too long in the retail world; "zero confirmations" will become more risky once bitcoin popularity is high enough and people come up with ...
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Bitcoin vending machine

If I wanted to build a vending machine where one could buy a cola paying with bitcoin, is the following scenario the typical way to do it? Customer approaches the machine, and selects the product (...
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Is there a standard procedure for refunding Bitcoin transactions?

I work for an online retailer, and we're currently testing a Coinbase payment implementation for our checkout. One of our big concerns is being able to send a refund in the event that we're unable to ...
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Does all big retailer accept bitcoins? [closed]

Big online Retailer, who accept bitcoin? I am currently looking to buy some product from a giant retailer. I just need the accurate information. Who can help me?
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How can I pay with Bitcoin on

I just registered at to buy something, because I heard that they accept bitcoins as of today. But when I checked out, there was no option to pay with bitcoins. Only PayPal and credit ...
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Psychological price

I live in Europe, and more than a decade ago our national currency was replaced by the Euro. For a few years, everyone calculated back the price in Euro to the old currency when buying something, ...
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How to convert my bitcoins to another currency

I'm a merchant, and I'm looking for a complementary method of payment. How can I exchange bitcoins for my local currency?
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Can a merchant using Square Register accept bitcoins?

Square's marketing department appears to be successful at convincing some retailers to chuck their old register and instead buy an iPad, receipt printer and cash drawer and use the Square Register app ...
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