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What happened to the original Ripple Project?

Why does the current Ripple protocol require a global consensus? Can someone use the old Ripple design to make money between people actually work in a local community without a global singleton ...
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Is transaction validation in Ripple trust-based or trust-less?

(1) Each validating server maintains a list of trusted servers known as Unique Node List (UNL). This is correct for the XRP Ledger. Non-validating servers do this too. (2) Servers only trust the ...
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Ripple JSON API - Can I use more than one destination while transaction?

for now there is none... you can only use single destination address
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What happens in an extreme case if Ripple fails to make a consensus? Will that part of the network be segmented off?

If everyone chooses a completely disparate sets of validators the network will be unlikely to reach consensus that a particular version of the ledger is the one true and accurate ledger. But, in ...
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