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Why are the fees for converting Ripple to Bitcoin so high?

This is most likely explained by the high fees on bitcoin. These services still have to move the bitcoin from one wallet to another and you have to pay a fortune at this time, about $6- $19. You didn'...
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What can we do with XRP?

What does it mean to buy XRP as an individual OTHER THAN speculation? You can also use it as a means of payment and as a means of exchange for other assets on the network. (If investing in XRP ...
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Current transaction fees for various cryptocurrencies

I use this: You can click on any other cryptocurrency on the top bar and look for the value of "Avg. Transaction Fee", in USD.
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Does 20 XRP become unusable once deposited in a wallet?

If it's a native wallet on the ledger, then 20 XRP will not be transferrable, though you can use it to pay transaction fees. Exchanges typically have you pay into their account, so there's no reserve ...
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