Are there security implications of running a pruned Bitcoin Core node on a personal computer vs. a full Bitcoin Core node on a dedicated hardware device (i.e. Raspberry Pie with Umbrel, myNode, nodl, and etc.)?

  • The intended use case for the Bitcoin Core node is integration with a multisig wallet such as Specter, Electrum, and etc.

  • This scenario presumes the personal computer is configured to run Bitcoin Core through Tor/VPN (That do not save/collect logs) as in the Specter desktop 1-click setup. enter image description here

  • One non-security implication is the performance impact on the personal computer when running the pruned Bitcoin Core node.

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Both a full Bitcoin and pruned node can be run from Bitcoin Core with the same level of security.

Pruned nodes have the following differences:

  • Does not keep the full blockchain on disk
  • Size limit is defined by the user
  • Will discard unnecessary block data as it synchronizes

As a user on the Bitcoin Talk forum explains, most "dedicated hardware" Bitcoin Nodes are software wrappers around Bitcoin Core which may be less secure than running Bitcoin Core directly.

See Multisig Setup - Pruned Bitcoin Core on Computer vs. Dedicated Hardware - bitcointalk.org

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