I had to remove a copy of multibit wallet from my system & after multiple times of trying to get it to work on my 64 bit system I can now open multibit wallet. I guess when I removed the program that the wallet .dat files were removed as well but I do have the wallet addresses that were removed. Is it possible to retrieve the missing data? Can I just send my bitcoin to another wallet or do I have to have the .dat file in order to accomplish this? Hopefully I have not caused all my bitcoin to go away permanantly. Any advice on this subject will be totally appreciated big time.


According to MultiBit's Getting Started, the wallet file of MultiBit seems to be named multibit.wallet, not wallet.dat. You might want to try searching for that instead.

Sorry to break the bad news, but the addresses aren't sufficient to regain control of the bitcoins. If that were the case, anyone that knew your address could grab your coins, and addresses are public information which would make for a very insecure system.

Therefore, you need your private keys in order to transfer your bitcoins.

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