I'm attempting to use the Ledger Wallet API to sign a multi-sig transaction. The API works as follows:

var inputs = [
  [ "71f97fa2a21486ecd99674a8ae068d92acd2e9db49c199473be39984e6cbe0f6", "00000000" ],
  [ "171e6a969ff196a2cfaaba4780c292e33fc297672a065cc5c5c684727cf9e3ba", "00000001" ]

var scripts = [     

var paths = [

var outputs_number = 2
var outputs_script = "40420f00000000001976a91496986c2703c6b311c884bf916d28621bc61e8b7a88acdc0c03000000000017a914ddf0a9f3e0c9822feef702d36dee6c0bd2bf7c6d87"

Ledger.signP2SH(inputs, scripts, outputs_number, outputs_script, paths);

I have everything working except generating the outputs_script - I know there are ways to construct this manually, but I have to assume there's a mechanism within one of the javascript libraries out there. I found in the bitcoin.js library a method which will turn an address into an output script:

var outScript = bitcoin.address.toOutputScript("1LRVwrvGF6XxQbCzqEBG71cPv9RrF8Uu5P")

But that doesn't incorporate value or multiple addresses. How can I generate just the output script component, for a primary and change address, from a Javascript library?

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I wrote a tiny module to do just this: https://github.com/lukechilds/build-output-script

It can be used like so:

const buildOutputScript = require('build-output-script');

buildOutputScript([{address: '1LukeQU5jwebXbMLDVydeH4vFSobRV9rkj', value: 100000000}]);
// '0100e1f505000000001976a914da6473ed373e08f46dd8003fca7ba72fbe9c555e88ac'

You can pass in multiple P2PKH addresses.

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