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1 answer

Samourai Wallet missing funds

I apologize if this has been asked and answered... This past weekend I found out about the shutdown of Samourai Wallet. I had some BTC in there that is now gone. I'm well aware of the fact that ...
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Samourai wallet - my balance disappeared

I am/was using Samourai wallet to hold bitcoin until recently when I found out that it has been seized by the US government. I restored my wallet in Sparrow where I see much less BTC than I had in ...
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2 answers

Use Bip 39 mnemonic words to restore Samourai wallet to another wallet

I want to access my Samourai wallet from a different type of wallet: either Blue- or Sparrow Wallet by using the 12 word mnemonic and passphrase. Is this recommended? Is it possible?
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How to edit bitcoin.conf for bitcoin.cli scripting

I want to install Kristaps Kaupe’s scripts on my bitcoin.conf but I am afraid I don't have the technical expertise necessary to make it run. I am simply cutting and pasting it on my bitcoin.conf file, ...
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2 answers

How do I export a wallet from Wasabi Wallet to Samurai?

I'm quite new to this business, and I have a question. Here I have 12 words and a passphrase, there is a Wasabi Wallet application on the computer and created a wallet based on this data. Can I use ...
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How does Sentinel check Blockchain?

I've been very happy to hodl my Bitcoin on a paper wallet ( and using Sentinel to view the balance of my addresses (using extended public key). Sentinel is an awesome app, it provides ...
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Samourai Wallet Can't Increase Transaction Fee with Error: "Cannot create CPFP transaction"

Using the samourai wallet on android. I sent made a bitcoin transaction with a 1 sat/b fee. It's been uncofirmed for 2 days already. I tried to click on the "increase transaction fee" button, but I ...
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3 answers

Which wallets work with payment codes?

I know the samurai wallet for android has support for payment codes, what other wallets support payment codes?
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Samourai Wallet 0.96.03 APK file

The release page for Samourai Wallet 0.96.03 lists an APK hash but does not have a downloadable APK file. From the available zip or tar.gz files how can I locate (or create) an APK file to compare ...
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