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An efficient algorithm for multi-address transactions in a deterministic wallet

I am developing my Bitcoin wallet (testnet) on Python using the Cryptos library. I started integrating support for deterministic wallets and mnemonic words. Now I have enabled users to generate ...
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non-full node bitcoin node

I will like to run a bitcoin node for web3 development, i only want to track transactions within last 30 days max, so i will like to only keep last 30 days of the bitcoin network at any time is there ...
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I'm creating a bitcoin wallet but I can't figure out how to send transactions with a low fee

I created a bitcoin wallet After 2 days of constant errors, I got it to send btc. But I can't seem to get it to send btc somewhat fast at a low fee. I use ...
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How many words are enough to confirm user backed up all words for seed phrase?

If there are 12 words in the seed phrase, is confirming random 3 words enough to ensure user has backed up all words? Or is it necessary to confirm all words and in the correct order? If I create a ...
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Can I integrate a decentralised wallet in a website in PHP?

Can I integrate a decentralised wallet in a website in PHP? A decentralised wallet will act as service but I won't have access to the funds of users however users should be able to access their wallet ...
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How to approach building a custom UTXO index on top of a full-node

I want to avoid physically importing addresses into a wallet. I want to write a UTXO indexing system on a per-address basis. I often wonder how a wallet can keep track of all of its addresses' UTXOs, ...
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Does a Bitcoin qr code become invalid after 1 Year?

I have been trying to figure out if there exist a software which preserves a BTC QR code for more than one year.
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Bitcoin backend integration - Do I really need the notion of "a wallet"?

I am developing an application that will accept Bitcoins targetting some specific "items" in my application, and later transfert some of those Bitcoins to externals addresses. In many similar ...
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Reset or backup from a blockchain possible? [closed]

i have a coin for my own interests. With this i will learn how works all. So i have install the daemon on a vps All works fine. Mining works. And the first 300 blocks i have created. Now i will ...
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A NodeJS implementation on creating addresses from a Bitcoin (zpub, xpub) address

I'm looking for a lightweight node package which can handle creating btc receiving addresses on the server using an extended public key (segwit). Like this one: ...
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Calculating the balance of xpub

I have a bitcoin cash xpub I can derive Internal and external addresses I have a full node so I can check each individual addresses My Question 01 - how do I calculate the balance ? 02 - do I ...
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Creating multiwallets

I want to create wallets for users. bitcoin core allow us to create one wallet. is there any way to create wallets for single bitcoin-qt which can able to run multi wallets at a time.I know I can ...
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In Bitcoin source, what is the UniValue objects purpose?

In the bitcoin source code you can see a lot of objects of type UniValue, particularly in the miner.cpp and rpc/mining.cpp. What is the utility of this UniValue object? Is it used to update the ...
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When does bitcoin wallet subtracts the coins spent by that particular address?

After how many confirmations does the bitcoin wallet subtracts/updates the account balance in respect of respective wallet address.
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Is there any synchronized software update mechanism in Bitcoin-Blockchain?

My question is regarding the update of Bitcoin software. Is there any mechanism for a synchronized software update in the Bitcoin network?
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Transaction validation by full nodes

All the full nodes in Bitcoin network validate a new block as soon as it is mined and propagated on the network, by verifying the nonce and the resulting block hash. Now the question is that, Do full ...
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How to create multi-user wallet or wallets supporting off-chain transactions

I want to implement the wallet to create bitcoin and altcoins exchange and store system. Somehow create random or HD wallet that holds and store upto 50 user public keys.But users will not have ...
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Create a Bitcoin wallet for users and get paid?

Im a crypto trader and investor with a big portfolio. At the moment my company is looking to use GitHub of Copay to create a Bitcoin wallet with my company name, I want do a good investment in ...
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Is there a reference, authoritative resource or book on Bitcoin programming?

Is there any reference or authoritative resource, or book on Bitcoin programming? Bitcoin is dubbed "programmable money" but there is no obvious resource for how to do that aside from ...
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