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Lightning Wallet bulk creation

I want to giveaway small amounts of BTC on lightning. The ideal method is a wallet paper equivalent, this means no coupons, websites or redemption procedures. I still have some doubts about the ...
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How to gift an entire BTC wallet via QR code?

I have a unique scenario where I'd like to: Create a BTC wallet and add a small amount of funds to it. Generate a QR code that contains the private key. Then gift that QR code to a friend so they can ...
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Is accepting Bitcoin as a gift save?

I've got certain amount of mBTC from a person I don't know well (we've never met in person, although we chat online from time to time), in the form of them giving me the key for getting access to the ...
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Can I gift Bitcoin to young family?

Many years ago I looked into gifting 1BTC to each of my God sons, who had just been born. That gift would be worth a fair bit today, but I didn't do it because I couldn't figure it out. How could I do ...
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