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Is there still a digital signature loophole in Bitcoin transactions?

I want to ask a question: Does the problem of repeating the value r still persist today in Bitcoin transactions? If so, how can I find transactions that contain this thing? I have research on how to ...
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Are Satoshi's satoshis less secure than they should be?

So, Satoshi mined a bunch of BTC early on (but not in a "pre-mine" way), and has not moved them ever since. Doesn't that mean that his coins thus uses the very earliest "format", ...
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Can you help me see if I have an old Bitcoin account? [closed]

I set up an crypto account & had different coins in it, but the computer died, updated to a current machine. Have also changed from AOL to Gmail, that was around 98 or 99, if that gives you any ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Breaking Bitcoin Private Key

Suppose my private key is properly generated. My public key is known to everybody. I don't care about privacy. How many times can I reuse my bitcoin address until someone has enough information from ...
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Number of Trials Required For Brute Force Attack To Have x% Of Success?

I'm making an informational video about how unlikely it is for an attacker to successfully brute force a specific bitcoin address. Obviously, it will deal with impossibly huge numbers ("not in earth's ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Is It Possible to Prove Ownership of Public Key Hash without Public Key?

I am building a system where I would like the user to specify a public key hash of a wallet that they have control over in the event of tips, refunds, and/or otherwise needing to send value back to ...
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2 answers

how to generate SECRET_KEY prefix? [closed]

base58Prefixes[SECRET_KEY] = std::vector<unsigned char>(1,176); I need prefix L , but i cannot find how do this, please do not post link to prefix list bitcoin , it's only for address ...
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Does RevokeSSL Require Self-Signed Certs to Work?

// , I don't want to go to and see it self-certified. I don't want to go to and see it self-certified. I don't mind going to https://patriotact....
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1 vote
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How much would you need to remember to store bitcoins in your head?

Suppose I had a gigantic sum of bitcoins and wanted to store them in my brain's memory instead of any physical form. How much data would I need to be able to remember? I understand I'd have to ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How do I reconfigure a Mt. Gox Yubikey?

After following the instructions here, which suggested I use ykpers or the gui version, I discovered the Mt. Gox Yubikey is protected by a "configuration protection access code." From the manual: ...
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2 answers

How to restore a ripple wallet, having the security key? [closed]

If I try to login to I get this message Fetching wallet... Payward Wallet not found (Username / Password is wrong) Local browser Wallet not found (Username / Password is wrong) It might ...
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