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What is the script assembly and execution in P2TR spend (spend from Taproot)

So I have found and fundamentally understand how P2PKH is assembled from inputs and outputs to create a bitcoin forth-like script for execution. I looked at the SegWit BIP examples section and I found ...
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What are the scriptPubKey, scriptSig, redeem script and witness for the various output types?

scriptPubKey, redeem script, witness script, witness program are defined in this StackExchange post. What are the scriptPubKey, scriptSig, redeem script and witness for the various output types (P2PKH,...
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How to parse a raw transaction field by field?

I am trying to understand all the parts of a legacy transaction. If I wanted to translate each part of the transaction to something human-readable, how would I need to go about that?
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What are the components of the raw block shown in this image?

I'm wondering what the portion between the block header and the transaction data (the un-annotated section) is. I can't seem to find any information on it.
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How to differentiate between BTC transactions and BRC20 transactions on a blockchain?

How to differentiate between BTC transactions and BRC20 transactions on a blockchain using the RCP interface? This is a transaction record that contains BRC20 tokens which I found on a blockchain ...
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How do segwit nodes behave when they receive a transaction between two legacy nodes?

Segwit nodes know about the move of the witnesses to another part of the transaction block. What would happen when they receive a transaction between two legacy nodes, knowing that they will build it ...
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How can I get the destination address from raw transaction data?

I am writing a program that reads Bitcoin transactions from .blk files and performs some analysis on them. I would like to get the transaction destination addresses (like in some transaction explorers:...
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In what format does a block store the transaction data?

Does it store the raw transaction data literally like (excuse the formatting inaccuracies): 0x24134i59435ej3...9 sends 0x9wri03vw3sdfsd...i 26.00000023423 Bitcoin. Or is it stored differently?
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How to decipher Bitcoin Hex code?

I have this hex code: ...
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How to compute a TXID of any bitcoin transaction in Python

there, I've already looked at other similar posts on here but with little luck. All im trying to do is calculate the TXID of a transaction after downloading the transaction in hexadecimal from a ...
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Is it possible to retrieve input addresses and input values of bitcoin transactions from raw blk.dat files?

I'm developing a script that processes blk.dat files from bitcoin core. So far, I am able to retrieve the following attributes for transaction inputs: "vin", "index", "...
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Native P2WSH over P2SH | P2SH-P2WSH

I'm in the process of attempting to generate a transaction using the Python Bitcoin Utils library. that involves P2WSH-over-P2SH (P2SH-P2WSH). My activity is on the regtest network. Below is the code ...
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TX doesn't contain an equal number of transactions with bitcoin addresses

I'm researching bitcoin and noticed that when transactions come through my node I don't have an equal number of "amounts" (e.g everything between 88ac and 19) with addresses (e.g everything ...
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What is TXID?Is it used to calculate merkleroot [duplicate]

I downloaded the block template where each transaction contains 'data', 'txid', 'hash'. I read in some articles that the Merkelroot is calculated using 'txid'. Is true? Why txid not hash, and what's ...
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Example of computing segwit txid from raw tx data

txid = 4508d55cf0d93ac43cbbb13a3b63d7a1e146911745f049893fc6b2d84e4e1256 raw block data = ...
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