I'm using my personal computer and trying to mine bitcoins.

I'm rather new to this and was wondering if I did everything alright. Thanks in advance.

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    No, it means that no devices were found.
    – Nick ODell
    Jul 19, 2015 at 23:52
  • @NickODell So, it only works with these usb devices, is that correct? Jul 20, 2015 at 0:18
  • It depends on what's enabled when compiling bfgminer. Where'd you get it?
    – Nick ODell
    Jul 20, 2015 at 0:21
  • @NickODell askubuntu.com/a/388976/371965 Jul 20, 2015 at 0:24
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    It may help if you provide more information about what you want to achieve. E.g. what device are you trying to use? What are you trying to accomplish?
    – Murch
    Jul 20, 2015 at 0:35

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  1. You are using an ancient version of bfgminer
  2. CPU mining was disabled by default even in bfgminer 3.10.0, your gpu doesn't seem to get detected
  3. You're about 4 years late for CPU mining and 3 years late for GPU mining: Even if you get bfgminer to run, your PC will not be powerful enough to even find shares that would be accepted by a pool. See e.g. Can I do mining with a normal PC?
  • So, that is that. Thank you for your information. Jul 20, 2015 at 10:51
  • In recent versions of bfgminer, GPU mining is also disabled for the same reason. Not sure if that applies to OP's version or if their card is simply unsupported. Jul 21, 2015 at 4:29
  • GPU was still enabled then. From the bfgminer 3.10.0 release notes: Features: [...] OpenCL GPUs, such as AMD Radeons [...]
    – Murch
    Jul 21, 2015 at 9:25

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