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The capacity of a channel is the number of satoshis that are stored in the payment channel. They are split between the two channel partners and offered htlcs. No payment larger than the capacity can ever go through that channel. The max_htlc is the number of concurrent offered htlcs that are possible in the channel. They are limited because most htlcs are ...


Yes the payment point would have to be included instead of the payment hash. I believe other than that nothing in the invoices would have to change. Invoices have various fields with various semantics. One of them is the field for the payment hash. In order to stay backwards compatible I guess there will be a new field for payment points (public keys) ...


Timestamps in Bitcoin, including block timestamps and nLocktime values, are unsigned 32-bit. The last possible timestamp is Feb 7th 2106, at 06:28:15 UTC.

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