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It is supported according to the LND installation guide NOTE: The auth parameters rpcuser and rpcpass parameters can typically be determined by lnd for a bitcoind instance running under the same user, including when using cookie auth. In this case, you can exclude them from the lnd options entirely.


Yes. Unfortunately this is true. Using push-amt means that you send over an amount to the other side wich they own. While it takes place offhand it is final in a similar way as sending Bitcoin to an address. The only way I see to get your funds back is if you talk to the owners of the nodes you opened channels with explain them the situation and ask to get ...


This is a tricky question as it tackles the difference between what the protocol supports and what implementations provider as an API. On a protocol level channels are enabled / disabled via an update message on the gossip Protocol. Nodes SHOULD set the disabled flag and send such a message if they are shutting down or turning (shortly) off for maintenance....


To answer your question two things have to be known: Routing fees are always charged from the recipient to the sender as the fee rate of later packages impacts earlier routing decisions. Nodes get paid a routing fee to forward a package on an outgoing channel. The first remark is not of importance for your case as the path only includes 1 routing node. ...

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