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Yes this is theoretically possible as described in this video The idea is to have a deterministic way of generating preimages and entangling the lightning node with the point of sale device. This idea originated from stepan snigirev who went down further and refined it to this idea:


As a rule of thumb it is probably best to let lnd generate the preimage for you. If someone can guess your preimage they have the chance of steeling the payment. It is somewhat similar to guessing your Bitcoin private keys but probably not as bad as they can only get the current payment and technically even that might be tricky. If you want to do it alone ...


I don't know if that possibility ever existed as an api call 8n lnd. but you can certainly call the describegraph api call to get all nodes and channels that are publically known. This json blob can easily be imported with a few lines of code as a graph in any graph library such as neo4j or networkx once the network is there you can run any pathfinding ...


The following produces the wrong private key! (but is probably a step in the right direction) In c-lightning the per commitment point / secret is derived using per_commit_point / per_commit_secret from: The node id / public key (can be found with listfunds, until the channel is purged some time after closing) The channel database id (can be found with cat ~...

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