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Redeem script. script hash, witness script and witness program

I have a little confusion about naming in Bitcoin. Redeem script is the conditions that will be satisfy. For example P2PKH inside P2SH OP_DUP OP_HASH160 <PubKHash> OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG ...
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What are the parts of a Bitcoin transaction in segwit format?

I know that pre-segwit transactions looked like the following (This is the hash of the transaction in block 170 - the 10000 bitcoin pizza exchange): ...
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How do I construct a P2TR address if I just want to use the key path?

I want to create a P2TR (Pay to Taproot) address but I just want access to the key path spend, I have no use for the script path spend in this specific example. What should I do in regard to the ...
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How to differentiate between BTC transactions and BRC20 transactions on a blockchain?

How to differentiate between BTC transactions and BRC20 transactions on a blockchain using the RCP interface? This is a transaction record that contains BRC20 tokens which I found on a blockchain ...
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How to identify a transaction input type?

I am currently working on a tool parsing every transaction of the bitcoin blockchain, using the getrawtransaction RPC call in verbose mode. My goal is to store them all in a database, while keeping ...
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Can transactions include a negative output value, an empty sigScript or an empty scriptPubKey and still meet consensus rules?

Lets consider 3 possible transactions: Tx1 an output value is negative Tx2 a sigScript is empty Tx3 a scriptPubKey is empty Is it possible for these transactions to meet consensus rules (could ...'s user avatar
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How to determine the transaction type using transaction hash?

Is there any way to identify the transaction type using the following data in Bitcoin blockchain: InputCount OutputCount Transaction Version Transaction Size Transaction Weight Transaction Lock Time ...
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Unsuccessful Bitcoin Script Execution: Seeking Assistance

I attempted to mint SATS tokens on the Bitcoin network using the Ordinals protocol and BRC20 standards by utilizing an intermediary software written in the Go language. I made no adjustments to the ...
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processing input tx in bitcoin's block response and obtain transaction value of each input

so i was parsing the block #496 of bitcoin which contains two transactions, first tx in the list is the reward tx and the second tx contains three inputs and one output. i tried to parse each ...
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Example of Schnorr signature on a block explorer?

Can somebody link to a Schnorr signed transaction on Mainnet or Testnet? Looking to see how the SCRIPTSIG differs.
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How was this transaction validated?

I'm having trouble understanding how the following transaction was valided (Block 364845 July 2015) : 2c6c27639e79038cf446e795e267dc8abbe96d1f21cdd17518cc6b57ad2d86d9 It has one input, and is ...
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How to create coinbase? How to use witness?

BIP141 adds a new rule called "witness commitment". The document says: "The commitment is recorded in a scriptPubKey of the coinbase transaction." I didn't quite understand what ...
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conditional spending from P2WSH address

What im doing wrong? Sinse I found out that Bitcoin is programmable money Im trying to use it potential. Using this site I’ve created a ...
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HOW TO SPEND THE P2SH only use Redeemscript hex ? no private key involved

the codes i use to build the transaction import hashlib import base58 # Define previous transaction details prev_txid = 'ec5596bf71a498fc944e912f0bc21f0ead3806965402d74f1d670c2fff7c08c2' prev_index = ...
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