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Is it possible to trace bitcoin ATM withdrawals?

That would depend on the owner/operator of the ATM, and your relationship with them. Normally, you will need to register with a Bitcoin ATM company in order to use their machines. This is so that ...
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How do exchanges and atms introduce bitcoin

Miners need to pay for costs, namely electricity and hardware. One such way to pay for these is to sell the Bitcoin they mine for regular money. Such transactions will often pass through exchanges. ...
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Loading to Bitcoin wallets

Firstly Read Help I am new to Bitcoin, how can I get started? How do you obtain bitcoins? Can bitcoins be traced to scammers scam with blockchain Bitcoin "ATM"/BTM Scrutinise "ATM" for fees etc to ...
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What happens if I buy BTC from an ATM, but the transaction never confirms?

In this case, you would need to contact the ATM operator / service provider, and provide them with some proof of your purchase and the failed transaction. When completing your interaction with the ATM,...
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Bitcoin ATM paid out to a phone number, how can the funds be retrieved?

it seems like a wallet address was generated for her This seems most likely to me. An ATM should not allow the destination/receiving address to be empty or to contain something that is not a valid ...
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I bought bitcoin from an ATM machine but the person I want to send it to didn't not see it

Both of the transactions are confirmed and can be viewed using a block explorer. Furthermore, both of them were spent by your friend 6 hours ago. Transaction 1 Transaction 2 In other words, those ...
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How do exchanges and atms introduce bitcoin

Put simply an exchange buys bitcoins from people who have bitcoin to sell. These could be miners or just people who sold goods and services for bitcoin and want to convert those coins to fiat. So they ...
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Selling Bitcoin for cash in my store

So far as I know, most store owners just rent floor space to a company that operates the Bitcoin "ATM". The store owner gets fixed monthly rental income and doesn't have to get involved in Bitcoin ...
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Using Bitcoin ATM's, how does selling work?

Atm will generate a bitcoin deposit address Client scan it using smartphone and send bitcoin to that address Atm will wait for confirmation and emit fiat money from dispenser Things to consider: ...
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Where do I find my bitcoins after buying from an ATM?

When you purchase bitcoins at an ATM, you have to provide a destination where they'll deliver the bitcoins. Recipient information is provided in form of addresses. The receipt shows an address to ...
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