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If your objection is specifically to the requirement to store old blocks (as you hinted in a comment), then you might consider pruning - see How can I run bitcoind in pruning mode?.


How likely is it that some block from 1 year ago later turns out to be invalid? Very unlikely, but I think that isn't the problem. The problem is, how does a new user find out the current state (UTXO set or equivalent) without having to trust other parties? Any community has dishonest people preying on it. You cannot ignore, expire or invalidate unspent ...


regtest is the test network best suited for this kind of testing. While it does still have a PoW requirement, the work required is basically negligible. It also does not do retargeting so the difficulty does not change. This allows you to create blocks at will. So you can use the regtest network option in order to test that your code is creating blocks ...

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