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Mempool not accepting transactions: 'reject-reason': 'insufficient fee'

By default Bitcoin Core’s mempool data structure is limited to using no more than 300 MiB of RAM. If your node has been consistently online, it would currently be full of transactions that pay about 4....
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RPC getnewaddress error on v 0.20.0

I got the same error and had a hard time trying to figure out where to pass in the -rpcwallet=<wallet_name> flag. For example, I was doing a bitcoin-cli listunspent -rpcwallet=<wallet_name>...
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Raw Transaction decoding fails on signet but decodes fine in BlockCypher decoder

The signature is 72 bytes long, but the signature witness item is prepended with the byte 0x47 (71), not 0x48 (72). The decoder then interprets the last byte of the signature (the sighash flag, 0x01) ...
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