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As others have said you can use https://blockstream.info/api/address/bc1qgsmfaz22lzy08wqjspd8xtm43hal5tgz4hyac6 for the JSON - the doc is in reference to running a local instance - the exact endpoint is depending on deployment, the default deployment we use has nginx forward /api/ requests to electrs without the api bit https://github.com/Blockstream/esplora/...


I'd say that's just because nobody programmed it. Bisq community for example is short on programmers so they concentrate on the essentials. Companies have no interest in the development or shy away from the legal risk, where they are increasingly forced to perform financial police duties similar like banks (KYC/AML). Hopefully the Bisq DAO brings enough ...


The https://iexcloud.io/ API delivers a powerful toolset with dozens of indicators available. They now support a variety of cryptocurrencies as well. The most cost-effective platform I have seen yet.

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