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I guess "spent" tells you if it is an UTXO or not.


If you look at this block in a blockchain explorer such as blockchair, it shows the transaction as { "txid": "0e3e2357e806b6cdb1f70b54c3a3a17b6714ee1f0e68bebb44a74b1efd512098", "hash": "0e3e2357e806b6cdb1f70b54c3a3a17b6714ee1f0e68bebb44a74b1efd512098", "version": 1, "size": 134, &...


The coinbase output (the destination of the mining reward) is freely decided by the miner. In early block, this destination was Pay to Pubkey(P2PK). Since P2PK is not assigned an address, no address is shown. The coinbase transaction in the 700,000 height shows the address because the destination is P2WPKH.

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