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Commands can be entered after opening Window -> Console in Bitcoin Core Create a new empty wallet with createwallet 'wallet_name' true Then use importmulti command with "watchonly": true


I would approach this using JSON-RPC with the programming language of your choice and the walletpassphrase command. walletpassphrase "12345" 60 The 60 at the end is number of seconds before the passphrase times out and needs to be entered again. Now all you need to do is create a loop that iterates through all number combinations. If the guess is ...


Generally, the wallet shipped with Bitcoin Core only keeps copies of any transactions that directly involve the wallet. When you import a key, your node scans the entire blockchain to see if any transactions involved that key. A pruned node has processed the whole blockchain, but only keeps the tail end of the data. This means that when you import a private ...

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