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It is not so easy to "open" a wallet, because it requires rescanning the blockchain to find the outputs that are relevant. This can take a very lock time, especially if you do not have an SSD. Because the performance is so poor, it would be disappointing for a lot of users to use this hypothetical feature.


It just works fine with the modern versions of the software with no changes necessary. Sync will take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on your hardware and connection speed. Make more backups than you think are necessary.


Is this wallet.dat with balance some sort of scam or exploit? It looks like a scam. There is never a good reason to buy a wallet.dat. Looking at these videos, you will notice I guess we will notice whatever the video creator tricks us into noticing. As I'm sure you know, making an app that looks like another app is trivial. As is editing video to make ...

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